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JupiterRhode [userpic]

Master Fanfic List

December 31st, 2030 (03:32 pm)

I decided it might be a good idea to put everything in one spot.

SupernaturalCollapse )

J2 RPSCollapse )

SmallvilleCollapse )

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Milly and Regan Part 1

December 5th, 2016 (03:15 pm)

I forgot to post a link here on LJ, but the new side story went live this weekend. You can read all about how Milly and Regan first met right here.

JupiterRhode [userpic]

An update, of sorts

November 27th, 2016 (12:43 pm)

So I haven't been updating this journal very regularly, mostly because I haven't been writing much for the last two months. But I'm getting back into the swing of it now. I've got a new Side Story coming this Saturday, but until I get the new piece posted I've added three very olds to the site. The shorts I did of Regan as a wee child were very popular back in the way back, so I went ahead and reposted them. I'm not sure if they're canon anymore, but I don't care. They're still cute little pieces, and I like them.

Until the weekend, hopefully they will tide you over. They can be reached right about heres.

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: Fuuuuuuck

God, I am now a full day behind on my writing schedule, and will probably be two days by the time today is over. The weather is shitty, gray, and gross! Not that it's an excuse, it's just true.

I think part of my stall is that my brain knows I took a wrong turn in 0.3, and that in order to correctly transition to 0.4 I need to rework the ending. Which is annoying, but the only thing to be done about it is let it bubble around in my brain until I get a break through. So I'll remove it from the schedule for at least today, and focus on the side story.

1) Finish Ira/Morgan ()

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: Not so much

Well, I got called into the day job so I don't know what that means for my writing schedule. But here's the shit:

1) Edit 0.3
2) Finish Ira/Morgan

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: Coffee is essential

Well we only have a nasty ass French roast that tastes burnt so I haven't had quite my morning regimen of kickstart. However, I am a motherfuckin' princess, and I will not be denied.

1) Finish 0.3 (√) 12:33

Well it's 7:00 and I can't check off item one yet because I'm not done. And a brain blast I had while working on item one actually made me rearrange some stuff in 0.2 as well, but I ain't mad about it because the chapter is much stronger now. I'm not sure that I'll get 0.3 finish tonight, but I think I'm gonna take a break to start Ira/Morgan and let things percolate for a bit.

UPDATE: Well I have finally managed a chapter I don't hate, but I think it will change significantly come editing day.

2) Start Ira/Morgan side story (√) 12:55

I demand at least 500 words to be considered a "start" and I've just passed that. But I need some shut-eye. So Morgan's backside will have to wait.

Unofficial item: I'm tired of all my LJ icons. I need to make new ones if I can find the time.

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: Late Start

September 20th, 2016 (10:23 pm)

So here it is nearly 10:30 and I haven't even opened my computer until just now. It's okay, though. This whole thing has been about setting realistic goals. I had Real Life(tm) things to accomplish, unfortunately. But now, for the list:

1) Start 0.3 (√) 12:30

I've made just over 800 words, not a bad start considering how tired I am. True, it's no longer technically Tuesday, but I haven't gone to bed for the night yet so it counts. ;P

Now all I need to do is sketch out the bare bones of Ira/Morgan and I can check off item 2.

2) Notes for side story (√) 12:34


JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: Update Day

September 17th, 2016 (12:15 pm)

So I completely forgot to post a shit list yesterday, but I completed all of my tasks. I'm nearly done for today as well.

1) Post Side Story (√) 11:37 ish
2) Edit 0.2 (√) 12:04
3) Notes for 0.3 (√) 12:34

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: That was easy

September 15th, 2016 (11:35 am)

I forgot to post this morning, and now my two tasks for the day are already done.

1) Edit 0.1 (√)

This still needs some work, to be honest. The opening is a little rough, but I'll let it sit and percolate. All the basic changes I wanted have been made.

2) Start 0.2 (√)

Zero point two went very fast. Looking at it, I realized it was already mostly written from the correct POV so there were very few instances of rewriting wholesale. If I'd realized why that chapter was so easy before hand 0.1 wouldn't have been such a bitch. Ah well.

It's been a good day so far!

JupiterRhode [userpic]

Shit List: New POV and kitchen woes

September 14th, 2016 (02:19 pm)

Fresh start with a fresh mind regarding my chapters today. There's also some household realities that must get taken care of today, so why not add them to the list?

1) Finish draft of 0.1 (√) 6:44

Woo! The POV is all changed around. It still needs some editing of course, but that's for another day. For now, I take pride in the fact that the rough draft is done.

2) Finish side story (√) 11:31

Well, it's not as sexy as I want, yet, but it'll do for tonight. Finished, not perfect. That is my new mantra. Finished. Not perfect. Anything is better than a blank page. Anything can be fixed if there is something to be fixed.

3) Preliminary notes for 0.2 (√) 11:38

Fortunately, notes for 0.2 went by quickly as I already know the changes I need to make to what is currently written. Unlike 0.1 must of 0.2 will stay, adjusting for the POV, of course.

4) Clean kitchen :( (√) 5:30 pm

And that's all, folks! This tired author is going to bed tonight, while it's still tonight.

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